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About us

Foshan Jinhengyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sale of outdoor voice prompt alarm, MP3 chip, and voice recording IC, PCBA, multiple triggering sirens with strobe and other customized modules for MP3.

We have devoted decades of expertise to develop multifunctional voice module focused on the safety alarm and voice prompt device. With our sophisticated technology, innovation and refined excellent quality, we have been recognized by mass of worldwide customers.

In the past few years, we have brought in multiple and advanced facilities to reduce the difficulty of development on OEMs and ODMs. We have an aggressive professional R&D team and excellent quality control through various technical indicators so as to develop more energy-saving products that meet market demand which become the priority choice for municipal projects, supermarkets, security management, tourist attraction, outdoor parks, and forest that exported to Europe, America, South Korea, Singapore and South East Asia etc.

Today, Jinhengyuan is taking the challenge of a new generation of voice modules development which can be more accurate and efficient to the market demand in the future.

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