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  • Voice MP3 Playback Module
  • Voice MP3 Playback Module
  • Voice MP3 Playback Module
  • Voice MP3 Playback Module
Voice MP3 Playback ModuleVoice MP3 Playback ModuleVoice MP3 Playback ModuleVoice MP3 Playback Module

Voice MP3 Playback Module

  • Product Item : QJM002-1
  • Category: MP3 Sound IC & Module
  • MP3, WAV File Format: Support rates 8~44.1K  and 8~320kbps 
  • Input Voltage: DC3.3~5V
  • Power: 3W
  • PCB Size: 39x33 mm

This module with a PIR motion sensor, which is a DIY MP3 sound module for some customized technical sound devices, such as sound alarm devices, or induction household appliances.

Its speaker connect port makes it more convenient for engineers to test a program, especially for some customized sound equipment. The power switch is a toggle design, easy to operate. Standard built-in 4M Flash memory, it also can be expanded if needed, the maximum is 16M.


1. Support MP3 audio format.
2. Connected to an amplifier or speaker is available.
3. Audio download or charge can be through the micro USB. Every document needs to be put in a folder named "00".
4. Support external infrared induction module, infrared beam module, voice control module, microwave induction module, etc. (Extended functionality, additional device required)
5. Using TXT configuration files to change the audio playback mode, such as single loop, sequential playback, etc.
6. Comes with 3W power amplifier output, good sound quality, volume can be adjusted at will, suitable for various occasions.
7. Each line plays the corresponding audio file. To play the audio file in sequence, you can also name the audio file with four digits, for example, 0001,0002,0003......

1. Audio Output: Connected to amplifier or speaker is available

2. TF Card Port: Supports a maximum capacity of 32 GB

3. Micro USB Port: Audio replacement or charge

4. Powering: DC 3.3-5V

5. Power Switch: Toggle

6. Horn Connector: 8 ohm 3W

7. Indicator Light: Flickers when playback, and keep lighting when charging

8. Volume Adjustment: From high to low

9. Induction Module Interface: Connected to infrared sensor head


MP3,WAV File Format Support rates 8-41.4K  and 8-320kbps  audio decoding
USB Port
2.0 Standard
Input Voltage DC3.7-5V
Working Current 30 mA
PCB Size 50x50 mm
Work Temperature -10~65 ℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Storage maximum 128Mbit FLASH, standard built in 32Mbit flash memory

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